Science Fair

GO Mosquito Challenge Science Fair
Due May 31, 2018

Welcome to the Science Fair! School, Class or individual student projects are welcome to submit to the GO Mosquito Challenge Science Fair. The objective is for students to conduct original research on a project that addresses mosquitoes- which could address mosquito ecology, mosquito life cycle, or mosquito borne disease. The only requirement is that GLOBE Observer data be included or discussed as part of the analysis. Data can also come from other sources, such as local health departments, community members, and scientific literature.

Prizes will be awarded to classes that have a winning project. The prizes are anticipated to have a value of $50-$100 and are to be used for a class project that is designed to protect their community from mosquito borne disease.  If you receive an award you will have to send a short report or video to the project to describe the results or anticipated outcomes of your community project.  The community projects can include creating public service announcements (building community awareness), hosting an event to engage another class or adult community members in using the App, buying additional microscopes for class mosquito work, purchasing screens for a school room or public building, – these are just some ideas of scope- you can use the funds for education, outreach, scientific equipment, or practical solutions to a problem in your community.

When you submit your project, it will be uploaded to the project website, and the judges will review them and provide scores using a rubric we have provided. You will hear the results in 7-10 days after the deadline.


Click here to access the registration form, submission guidelines and a document students can use to plan their project.