Presentations and Training Materials


Intro Quiz: Fun Facts about the Mosquito (PDF Download) (PowerPoint Download)
Use this quiz to elicit prior knowledge from students, and also to teach them how to protect themselves from mosquito bites. They learn not all mosquitoes carry disease, that only females bite, and about the physical and chemical signals that attract mosquitoes to people

GO MHM Mosquito Habitat Mapper Tutorial (PDF Download) (PowerPoint Download)
These slides will step you through the use of the mobile app, GO Mosquito Habitat Mapper.
You will learn that mosquitoes breed in a variety of water habitats, including natural water bodies and containers. You will learn how to recognize larvae and see what they look like. One you finish this tutorial, you will be able to use your app!

GO MHM and Disease (PDF Download) (PowerPoint Download)
These slides introduce 4 kinds of mosquitoes and the role they play in transmission in a variety of diseases. Recent maps showing where there is risk of mosquito borne disease are included.

Mosquito Life Cycle (PDF Download) (PowerPoint Download)
Here you will find basic biology about mosquitoes and development. There are several fascinating videos embedded that show some of the life cycle stages. They are in English, but they can be played without sound as the images are self-explanatory. Larvae need to breathe, so they stay on top of the water where they access air through their siphon or spicules. When collecting mosquitoes it is important to skim the top of the water quickly, so that they don’t swim away down the water column for protection.

Mosquitoes Data, Satellites (PDF Download) (PowerPoint Download)
Why is NASA interested in mosquito data? Learn about how satellite data is used to understand mosquito population dynamics and model disease transmission. You will also learn how to access GLOBE Observer Mosquito Data, using the GLOBE Visualization tool.