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Mosquito Habitat Game

Mosquitoes breed in unusual places- you find all the mosquito breeding sites? Move avatar to a breeding site. Click to eliminate the breeding site before the mosquitoes hatch! Be sure to check out the city, the village, the farm and the park- you’ll find unexpected breeding sites! You will never look at the landscape the same way again- there are potential habitats everywhere!

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ZikaZapp Bingo
This Mosquito habitat game can be used after a map-a-thon (how many of these habitats did we find?) or to build familiarity of the wide variety of places that mosquito larvae can be found. Once you are aware of the many types of breeding sites, you’ll never look at the landscape the same way again!

Zika Zapp Bingo Game Call Slides: present the different habitats with a projector as players locate the habitats on their game cards

Zika Zapp Bingo Game: Includes 40 game cards and instructions

Gradeband 4-8
Mosquito Investigation Notebook Activity (MINA)
Developed for upper elementary- middle school students, this multi-day lesson engages students in making firsthand observations of the life cycle of the mosquito.

The Teacher’s Guide (PDF Download)
Information guide on how to use a mosquito science notebook with students. It also provides a list of frequently-asked questions, mosquito myths, and links to videos that students can observe if there are no live mosquitoes available.

Guide to Using Science Notebooks in the Classroom (PDF Download)
Provides support to elementary teachers who have no prior experience with using science notebooks.

Teacher’s Version (PDF Download)
Provides the answer key to the Student Mosquito Investigation Notebook.

Student Mosquito Investigation Notebook (PDF Download)
Provides a guided exploration, where students can collect their observations, ask questions, and compare their results with others.


Gradeband 8-12

MHM Research, Degree Days (PDF Download)
This document is designed to help students get started in examining relationships between GLOBE Atmosphere Protocol temperature measurements and mosquito data.

MHM Research GPM (PDF Download)
This document is a classroom data activity that can also be used to stimulate designing an experiment examining GLOBE Precipitation data or NASA satellite data.

MHM Research Source Reduction (PDF Download)
This document will assist students and teachers in designing experiments around their mosquito source reduction (habitat decommissioning/mitigation) work.

Quick Start Guide to Finding Data/Imagery for Student Investigations (PDF Download)
This resource will help you identify data sets that can be used in conjunction with mosquito data collected by GLOBE Observer.

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